About Alexandros TSIGARIDAS

Business Consultant and on-demand Entrepreneurship Mentor, working around the globe on traditional and ecosystem business models.

Alexandros’ industry experience is wide-ranging in both Business Operations and Consulting Services; pivotal topics include the following: organization, operations, strategy & corporate finance, marketing & sales, Business Relationship Management (BRM), M&A transactions, change management, turnarounds, business technology and digital enterprise.

The emphasis is given to designing, building, fostering and replicating entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Long-term value-driven Consultant brings varied skillsets together, qualified in conceiving new ideas and bringing them to market. By leveraging —OrgSolutions, cross-sector opportunities, advanced technology, data and proprietary tools— I’m helping clients to solve problems, capitalize on opportunities, build a competitive edge and achieve excellence in business.

Hitherto, I have delivered breakthrough business-model innovation to strengthen the overall management and operations of clients.

What’s more, I have extensive meta-functional expertise in designing, delivering and managing custom solutions to the challenges faced by SMEs sector: notably restructurings, access to finance, development scaling strategies, digitizing legacy operations and improving performance.

Chiefly, by harnessing my well-structured seven-step problem-solving method can address almost any complex business challenge.

Currently, I am running the MACTUR management consulting firm and CORTMA’S entrepreneurial ecosystem, operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design. At MACTUR we provide management consulting to improve SMEs business performance and efficiency, and at CORTMA —through the development of integrative strategies— applying an ecosystem-based approach to facilitate the transfer of business.

Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UniPi in Greece, which covers a wide range of business fields such as management, marketing, accounting, finance and statistics. Keenly interested in new sources of innovation, I am tracking emerging developments at the intersection of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Cloud Computing.

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