How We Help Clients

We use all the pivotal management topics and best practices to help our clients, and we have an arsenal of proprietary tools, solutions and capabilities to support them in addressing pressing challenges. Examples include: People & organization, operations, change management, lean & manufacturing, turnarounds, corporate & business-unit strategy, marketing & sales, guiding family-owned companies, business technology, and digital enterprise.

In addition, we are deeply knowledgeable in Turnaround Management (full-scale restructuring & transformation programs); Performance Improvement and efficiency Plans (through innovation in products, services, processes & business models); and Organizational Agility (fundamental shifts in people, structure, strategy, processes & technology to build an operating system that optimizes organizational factors).

Current initiatives

To help clients stay at the leading edge, we have built advanced expertise and capabilities in the biggest opportunity areas in all industries and sectors. Current initiatives include: Data analytics, digital and multichannel excellence:

In addition, we work intensively with clients in collaborative thinking, portfolio and resource allocation optimization, taking interim roles in order to lead financially distressed or challenged clients, and further consulting on challenges facing the community of SMEs: namely, access to finance, debt restructuring, restoring health, shaping growth and efficiency agendas.

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